Roadtripin' With My Kiddos - Asheville, NC - January 2018

My sister got engaged over the holidays, and since I've somehow managed to postpone a visit to see her for almost THREE YEARS, I decided now was probably a good time to make good. So I packed up my kids (Daddy had to work) and we all headed to AJ 's house, with a quick pit stop in Savannah, GA along the way. The goal was a horse-drawn-carriage ride, BUT.... a winter storm decided to hit us just as we were getting into town, bringing record low temps and SNOW as far south as the Florida panhandle. So, the entire city of Savannah was shut down and we didn't get our carriage ride (or any dinner)....better luck next time. We DID get to throw a few snowballs though which totally made up for it. We also got to see some mountains, go ice skating on a frozen pond, and spend a day on Unlce Doug's family farm, which for our girl, was literally the best day ever.