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Children grow up so fast! Learn how to document their journey through thoughtful, artistic storytelling. We’ll cover shooting techniques that enhance everyday images, as well as editing techniques that will help those images really stand out. You’ll learn how and when to gently direct your children in order to capture the story YOU want to tell, all while maintaining the authenticity of what’s unfolding before you. We’ll cover concepts like light and composition, proper communication, and other photographic elements that can literally make or break an image. You’ll walk away with a fresh outlook on storytelling, and the tools needed to achieve beautiful, documentary style images that will serve as a visual “memoir” for your children’s early years.



• how to gently direct your children in order to facilitate thoughtful, artistic storytelling, all while maintaining the authenticity of the moment
• how to use the light and space available to you in order to turn your everyday images into art
• what photographic elements to look for when composing an image
• How to make photography fun for everyone (even the kids!)
• how to adjust your expectations and embrace less than perfect moments as a valid part of your child’s growth
• how to let go of perfectionism– let’s redefine the “perfect photo”
• how to edit your everyday images so they really stand out
• how to compile your images in an organized manner so they can be printed and shared for generations to come



A content rich e-book in which Jennifer discusses all of the techniques she uses to capture beautiful storytelling images of early childhood.

Three behind the scenes shooting videos with corresponding final-edit examples.

An in-depth editing video that covers Jennifer’s post processing workflow in both Lightroom and Photoshop. 

A collection of three Lightroom presets and two Photoshop actions from Jennifer’s personal toolbox 

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  1. Loved it

    I am drawn to jennifer's photography style, so naturally I love her presets that were included. I loved being able to watch the videos as well to see how she actually takes the photos, as well as informative i found it a little bit funny how much i could relate, even though I've only the one kid and she clearly has two of the cheekies! I'm not in business so purely bought this for personal use and would recommend it to anyone looking for a bit of extra inspiration to get out there and shoot their family. Chanelle on 3rd May 2017

  2. Amazing Breakout!

    I loved everything about this breakout the pdf was fab as well as the shooting videos, how Jennifer edits and stores her work was really helpful! Thank you again. Diane on 17th Apr 2017

  3. I am LOVING this break out!

    Jennifer’s approach to photographing everyday life has inspired me to look at my own everyday photography in a whole new light. The beautiful images and tips in the pdf truly take you through the whole process from set up to file organization. Meanwhile the shooting videos give you a hands on look at the various topics she discusses. I am so glad purchased this break out!! Sara on 27th Feb 2017

  4. I am in awe of Jennifer’s talent and ability to capture her children so effortlessly and beautifully.

    Her breakout series is amazing and helps share her wealth of knowledge for capturing those genuine moments of exploration, details and childhood. Being a whimsical/composite photographer, I struggle a little with photographing my own children in their natural element. I am so excited to put what I have learned to use with my own family as well as incorporating some elements with my clients. Definitely a brilliant breakout with a WEALTH of information. You won’t be disappointed. Jennifer Carroll on 27th Feb 2017

  5. I am in love with this breakout from Jennifer!

    The shooting videos give a wonderful view of capturing life as it happens and juggling the role of Mom and photographer, while still being present in the moment. I also love the glimpse into Jennifer’s editing style. You will love this breakout and all of the jam packed wealth of information and free presets!! Michelle Stoddard on 27th Feb 2017